What Home Insurance Does – And Doesn’t – Cover

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you own a house. It can get damaged due to natural disasters, you can have a break in or a burglary, or maybe you can even start an accidental fire in your home. This is why getting insurance for your home is a great way to protect not only your house, but yourself from costs that may arise from risks and damages related to your home. Repairing large damages such as those can cost a lot of money, so a lot of people opt for getting home insurance. However, depending on the policies of your home insurance, there are certain things that the policy does cover, and others that it doesn’t cover. You can learn more about home insurance on homeownersinsurancecover.net.

What Insurance Covers (And Doesn’t)?
Generally, home insurance covers your dwelling, your personal property, other structures on your property and liability protection.

  • Dwelling Protection: Basic coverage insures the structures of your home, along with the structures that are attached to it like your deck or garage. The insurance protects it against certain risks such as fire, windstorms, lightning strikes, hail, explosions, vehicle collision, vandalism and others. Earthquakes and floods on the other hand are typically not covered.
  • Personal Property: Home insurance usually also covers your personal belongings that you keep inside of your home, such as your electronics. This can be if it is damaged by a fire or stolen during a robbery. The insurance can pay for repair or replacement of your belongings
  • Other structures: These are the structures that are found on your home, but not necessarily attached to it such as a tool shed, detached garage, or fences.
  • Liability protection: This is when someone who doesn’t live with you such as a friend or visitor, gets injured while they are in your home.

These are general coverage’s but may also vary depending on your specific home insurance.