Do You Need A Permit To Remove A Large Tree?

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Trees are some of the most beneficial plants in this world we are living in. Aside from their ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, they also can prevent soil erosion. Trees also provide us with some shade during the hot summer months, and an abode for the tree-loving animals to live in.

If there is a need to cut down a large tree, depending on the state that you are currently living in, you might need to acquire a tree cutting permit. It is best if you do some research first or contact the personnel of tree removal in Mount Pleasant SC regarding these requirements.

Tree cutting 101: Tree cutting basics

  • Check out the state’s policies on tree cutting.

The need for a tree removal permit depends on the reason for doing so. Generally, there are three acceptable reasons for removing a tree without a permit.

  1. Dead tree
  2. Terminally diseased tree
  3. Tree that is imminently hazardous

Even without a permit, one needs to send a comprehensive Arborist report and wait for its approval from the Urban Forestry.

  • Measure the tree diameter first.

Generally speaking, smaller trees that measure about 6 inches or less might not need a permit prior to its removal. However, for larger trees that have diameters of about 30 cm (12 inches, approximately the thickness of a telephone pole) or more would require one.

Make sure that you measure the tree’s diameter at 1.4 m (4.5 ft., approximately chest height) above ground level.

  • Check whether the tree has a TPO (Tree Preservation Order).

TPOs are written orders made by the local planning authority in your area that aims to protect trees providing public amenity value.

They can come from any of the following agencies:

  1. Borough
  2. District or unitary council
  3. National park

You can ask the tree officer at your local council if the tree in your property is under TPO. So, before cutting down a large tree, make sure to do the necessary checks first to avoid repercussions.